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Live Loud: High Tech Straight from Nature
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Reveal ways to help animals in need worldwide
Reveal opportunities to promote forests around the globe
Reveal opportunities to promote forests around the globe
We Plant A Tree When you Buy Nature Tech

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Hi, we’re REVEAL.

We make earth-friendly, luxury tech accessories.  REVEAL is not just about iPad folios, iPhone cases and Galaxy covers (although we do make pretty sweet ones).

Our mission is to:

Reveal a sustainable way to design TECHNOLOGY ACCESSORIES

We love design and manufacturing techniques that help the mobile generation to connect, with the least impact on the planet. We REVEAL nature’s renewable gifts of bamboo, cork and innovative recycled fabrics made from post-consumer plastic bottles to create beautiful, functional tech accessories.

Reveal organizations making a difference

Three heads are better than one – REVEAL understands the power of partnerships. We love working with inspiring organizations, so we can bring you bigger initiatives that have a greater impact. When REVEAL joins with change-making non-profits and YOU, we create a three-strand cord that is not easily broken. 

Our artfully designed nature tech collection is inspired by and donate to non-profit American Forests, which gives back to our planet by planting trees to revive damaged ecosystems in the United States and worldwide.

Join our growing community of people who share common values of caring for the environment, a passion for nature and exploration, and a desire to stay connected and stylish while on the move.


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