We’re planting more trees! The next project we’re giving to is Haiti Reborn. American Forests is working with the Quixote Center to plant citron, Australian pitch pine, mango, grapefruit, sour orange, kapab, oak, eucalyptus and other trees across three acres of Haiti’s Artibonite Gros-Morne region to help restore safe and usable land to the local community. The project also focuses on training local farmers in sustainable practices and tree cultivation.


Planting trees in this region will help decrease erosion of usable soil and farmable land. Up to 95 percent of the trees that once found their homes in Haiti are gone due to deforestation. Because of the lack of tree coverage, run-off during rainy season has stripped the top soil from a good portion of farmland and created deep ravines through fields. With fruit and other diversified trees, farmers will be able to cultivate fresh, nutritious produce to feed their families and sell at market.


With your support, Reveal continues to help American Forests in their reforestation efforts around the world. They’re doing a world of good and you’re a part of that! Check back soon to hear about our upcoming projects.