After hours spent pouring over destination guides, reading forums and getting insider information from friends who have gone before you, you’ve finally gone and done it. That vacation of a lifetime, the one you have been dreaming about and planning for months – possibly even years – is booked, paid for and there’s a plane e-ticket with your name on it winging its way to your inbox through the internet ether.


Who first inspired you to hit the road?

For many, foreign travel, getting used to a new climate, food, currency and local language can be daunting. But those feelings are mixed with a heavy dose of excitement as you ponder over the new experiences you’re about to embrace.

Travel helps to broaden your mind, but what you may not realize is: your boldness to face the unknown and venture into a different part of the world helps encourage a sense of adventure in others, some of whom may not even own a passport, let alone have plans for a whirlwind tour of Europe, Asia, Africa or South America.

In today’s connected world where we share our lives through social media and mobile gadgets, when you take an adventurous trip, you give others the ability to see and feel what you experience like never before with photos, stories and videos uploaded in real time with just a few clicks of a button.  Your decision to go on a new adventure inspires others to follow in your footsteps.


Nothing changes the way you see the world quite like travel does

One of the most enduring and life changing things about international travel is how you are affected by the experiences, people and places you encounter whilst on the road. And no matter whether you travel with family, friends, or solo, you will want to find ways to preserve your memories and capture your journey so you can share it with others.

You also need the ability to stay in touch with loved ones so you can keep them up to date with where you are, what you’re doing and allow them to rest easy knowing you are safe. After all, you’re about to head off into the Thar desert for four days on a camel riding trip – where even the phone connection is sketchy, never mind the internet! And let’s not forget all those incredible people you will undoubtedly meet on your journey – you have to find a way to stay in touch with them. It’s a lot of fun to have friends who live all over the world.


Hi tech, low tech, no tech: How has technology changed the way we travel

These days, the modern foreign traveler’s luggage consists of much more than a few changes of clothes, a camera and a hardback book for the poolside. It’s not unusual to travel with a tablet and smartphone, not to mention earphones, portable speakers or an e-reader – the essential travel kit for those who like to stay connected while they’re on the move.


For many the discovery that your guest house has no wifi and only an archaic dusty old Dell desktop in the lobby for shared use – can bring on a case of hives, or at the least a very real sense of panic. Our connected generation has come to expect access to the internet everywhere we go. We use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to share real-time updates, images and footage – and whilst our travel ‘instagrams’ no doubt inspire envious  ‘likes’ from friends and loved ones, they also let loved ones know that, wherever we are, we’re ok.

Stay in touch, share the world through your eyes and inspire others

Occasionally you may find your wanderlust takes you to a destination where 24-hour instant access to the internet is but a distant memory. And you can’t share pictures of that amazing sunset you experienced last night or the huge fish you caught for dinner, with the click of a button.

Here are three simple, creative and low-cost ways you can curate your travel experiences and maybe even inspire others to see the world.  And the best thing is, all of these ways to document your trip can be done both online and off, so you’ll never have to lose another moment.

  • Start a blog

Starting a blog is the most obvious choice as it allows you to share as much or as little text and/or images about your trip as you want. The good thing about blogging is that it doesn’t require you to have immediate access to the internet. You can write your blog post when it’s still fresh in your mind and save it in a text document. The next time you hit a wifi spot you can upload your story and get on with creating more experiences to share.

  • Record a second of footage a day or of each location

You don’t need to have wifi in order to use the video setting on most smart phones. Take a second to capture a snippet of footage from each day. After the trip, pull this footage into a 60 second montage which features one second of each day, each location or country.  This takes a little more commitment, but the memoir you create for yourself and the experiences you can share with the people who matter to you, make it worth it.  Check out this inspiring example of a 60 second montage of an incredible global backpacking trip filmed by STA Travel.

  • Create an audio diary

Most smart phones have some kind of audio memo feature. You can use this feature with or without the internet to record your journal, thoughts and ideas, or even personal audio messages that you can send when you have internet connection again. This low tech form of journaling is great for recording interesting details about the places and people you experience. You can then either upload these audio files to an mp3 sharing platform like Soundcloud and share them publicly, or keep them as a personal record of your journey.

If you travel regularly, you may not realize that you are an inspiration to those at home, on the ground, who have yet to scratch their travel itch. That picture of you walking down the beach against the backdrop of a breath taking sunset. Or, that tiny snippet of video you captured of a colorful local festival – can inspire someone who has been sitting on the fence reluctant to do anything about accomplishing their travel dreams, to finally do something about it.

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Whether you want to see the whole world, or just one country – here at REVEAL, we help you keep the mobile gadgets you need to stay in touch safely protected, and we do it in an earth-loving, fashion forward style. To see what we’re talking about go here.