You may be familiar with cork. It is subtle yet ubiquitous. From the stoppers in wine bottles to insulation and flooring found in many homes, cork is a smart and effective material. But did you know that it is also incredibly sustainable and eco-friendly?  And that it makes some of the coolest tech accessories around?  Reveal's Cork Collection is naturally stylish and shock absorbing, providing sleek covers for your most important devices.

Cork iPad iPhone Cases with Wine

The Cork Oak tree (Quercas Suber) is harvested mainly in Portugal and Spain only between the months of May to August in order to ensure that the tree is not hurt or damaged. The harvesting process is considered sustainable because cork trees do not need to be cut down in order to use their bark. The trees continue to live and grow for up to 350 years, their bark harvested every 9 years beginning at 20-25 years of age.

Cork Tree

A beautiful and wonderfully soft material that happens to be eco-friendly? Of course we choose cork as a main component for many of our unique designs. We incorporate the material into many of our mobile accessories including our iPhone and iPad cases. It feels as good as it looks. Naturally elegant and respectful of the Earth.  It’s safe to say we’re huge fans of cork here at REVEAL.

Cork case with cork stoppers