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Reveal opportunities to promote forests around the globe
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At REVEAL keeping our customers personal financial information safe and secure is of the utmost important to us. We keep your confidentiality and financial security by:

  • Encrypting your personal information, including your credit card number, and sending that information over secure Internet lines. While using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, your Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox browser will inform you when the line is secure. Internet Explorer and Firefox have a lock icon for their browsers. These lock icons will pop up when the line has become secure. On both browsers if the http becomes https then both browsers are trying to access a secure server. If these indications appear, you can be almost certain of a secure data transaction.
  • REVEAL does not store your personal credit card information on our server. Once the order is placed we send that order through our processing information, which is located on a private network. If you decide you want to store your credit card information for future purchases then we will store part of your credit card information on our private network. If you do not choose to do this then preceding your order the personal information you provided will be immediately deleted.
  • We take extreme caution and care in making sure your online purchases are safe and secure with REVEAL. Our various firewalls and security measures keep risks negligible and keep your information safe and secure.

If you still have any questions or issues with the website security provided above you can contact us at

Also keep in mind that email is not a safe and secure way to send financial information, so please refrain from sending us personal information via email.

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