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iPhone SE

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    Pilos Printed Cork Wood iPhone SE/5/5s Case

    Pilos Printed Cork Wood iPhone SE/5/5s Case

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Reveal designs beautiful iPhone SE cases made of natural bamboo, cork and wood for the modern mobile lifestyle.  Be both sustainable and stylish while on the move.  Reveal has a handcrafted case or folio that is just right for you.  


A Naturally Organic Product

Bamboo grows with little water and no chemicals.  And its biodegradeable of course!  Its naturally great looking, so there is no need for added paints or dyes.  Bamboo is timeless and goes perfectly with your personal style and home decor.  

Highly Renewable Resource

Bamboo is a grass and has been measured growing as fast as one metre (39 inches) IN ONE DAY!  Since it grows so fast, bamboo groves are easily replaced and as such, bamboo is a very renewable material. Using it therefore doesn’t contribute to deforestation. In fact it can be grown in areas (such as hillsides) where other crops cannot be grown and harvesting it can be done by cutting with no damage to the surrounding environment.

Fights Climate Change

Bamboo absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide per hectare than equivalent trees. So growing it helps to fight climate change.



Recyclable and Biodegradable

There is very little processing involved in the extraction of cork wood. The ecological footprint from extraction until the final product is incredibly low.  Cork wood is both recyclable and biodegradable. This means that even during the manufacturing process, cork wood waste is reused and ground to make products, never going to waste.

Highly Renewable Resource

Because it is harvested only from the bark of the cork oak tree (which means the tree keeps on living and helping to clean our air) it is one of the most highly renewable and eco-friendly resources on the planet. Cork trees can live for up to 300 years, so one tree can supply cork for many many generations.

Fighting Climate Change

At the age of twenty five the tree's bark can be harvested every nine years, for a period of over 200 years. While the cork tree is developing, it is capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Each time the cork wood is harvested, the tree absorbs more CO2 to aid in the bark regeneration. Thus, regularly harvested cork trees store three to five times more CO2 than those left unharvested.


We plant a tree for every product sold

With generous support like yours, we have planted trees all over the United States and beyond.  We partner with non-profit conservation organization, American Forests, to replenish our forests and minimize our environmental footprint of doing business.  Since 1990, American Forests has planted over 50 million trees in damaged eco-systems to revive our environment and benefit our communities all across the country and worldwide.

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