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  1. Copenhagen Bamboo iPhone SE/5/5s Case

    Copenhagen Bamboo iPhone SE/5/5s Case

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    Uni-Sex Bamboo Sunglasses

    Uni-Sex Bamboo Sunglasses

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Why Bamboo?

Reveal designs beautiful bamboo tech accessories for the modern mobile lifestyle.  Our bamboo products allow you to be both sustainable and stylish while on the move.  No matter which device you have, iPad, iPhone or Galaxy, Reveal has a handcrafted case or folio that is just right for you.  If you are a fan of music, check out Reveal's unique bamboo solar bluetooth speaker.  Its the epitome of sustainability- combining the natural aesthetics with solar power.  Travel anywhere and be truly wireless with the speaker which doubles as a solar power bank.  

A naturally organic product

Bamboo grows with little water and no chemicals.  And its biodegradeable of course!  Its naturally great looking, so there is no need for added paints or dyes.  Bamboo is timeless and goes perfectly with your personal style and home decor.  

(Very) renewable

Bamboo is a grass and has been measured growing as fast as one metre (39 inches) IN ONE DAY!  Since it grows so fast, bamboo groves are easily replaced and as such, bamboo is a very renewable material. Using it therefore doesn’t contribute to deforestation. In fact it can be grown in areas (such as hillsides) where other crops cannot be grown and harvesting it can be done by cutting with no damage to the surrounding environment.

Fighting climate change

Bamboo absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide per hectare than equivalent trees. So growing it helps to fight climate change.

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