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    Wood Samsung Galaxy Case

    Wood Samsung Galaxy Case

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    This beautiful Galaxy S8 Case is made of all natural wood with a sleek, laser engraved Reveal logo. Molded perfectly to fit and protect your most important device, this wooden case won't let you down. We (you + REVEAL) plant a tree with non-profit American Forests for every product sold. American Forests has planted over 50 million trees worldwide since 1990. Learn More

Buy a Wood Case, We plant a Tree

Buying a wood iPhone, iPad or Galaxy case from Reveal means that you also plant a tree.  With generous support like yours, we have planted trees all over the United States and beyond.  We partner with non-profit conservation organization, American Forests, to replenish our forests and minimize our environmental footprint of doing business.  Since 1990, American Forests has planted over 50 million trees in damaged eco-systems to revive our environment and benefit our communities all across the country and worldwide.

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